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Man disinfecting his hands with zpritzi portable hand sanitizer.

We did a pilot study to discover how people use hand sanitizer when out and about.

88 participants (40 M, 48 F) between 19 and 68 years of age took part in a 2-weeks experiment where they registered their daily hand sanitizing habits.

Each participant received 5 plastic 30 ML bottles with sanitizer, plus a Zpritzi wearable dispenser with 150 ML sanitizer liquid to refill their Zpritzi.

The first week participants used 30ML bottles according to their preference:  In handbag, backpack or pocket.
The following week participants wore the Zpritzi dispenser on a necklace on their chest.

Participants were requested to use their portable sanitizer every day between 07.00 and 19.00 when they felt a need to clean their hands.

In line with scientific research female participants did better than men. 

Inforgram showing the handcleaning frequency of males and females

Participants using a 30ML bottle cleaned their hands on average times per day.

Participants using Zpritzi averaged to 14 daily 'hand cleaning moments'.

Infogram showing daily use of handsanitizer of all participants in pilot study

Key take-aways from this study:

  • Men use hand cleaner 71% more with Zpritzi.
  • Females overall clean their hands more frequent than men.
  • All participants clean hands 75% more often with Zpritzi.

Evidently, with a dispenser immediately at hand, people instinctively disinfect their hands frequently. That drastically reduces the risk of getting an infection, contracting a virus or spreading a disease.