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Festivals, concerts, trade-fairs and other events with larger crowds are perfect locations for brands to connect with new audiences.  A cool gadget like the Zpritzi, branded with sponsor’s logo, is the perfect product for that.

The wearable concept guarantees ongoing brand promotion. In fact, it turns people into brand ambassadors long after the event.

Fixed hand cleaning stations are great. Yet, a Zpritzi makes visitor’s hand hygiene experience more personal. And creates a sense of togetherness - which reflects back onto the sponsor.  

The optional NFC tag offers a range of possibilities for brand-interaction. During or after the event. From straightforward connecting to a brand’s webpage to interactive encoding of the NFC with an app or through on-site encoding stations. 

For special projects Zpritzi may be equipped with a Bluetooth beacon mini-transmitter.

The Zpritzi, and also the included neck-cord, carabiner and pods are perfect for branding, and co-branding. Obviously, sanitizer brands are natural co-sponsors.

Zpritzi is primarily designed as a dispenser for hand sanitizer. However, it can also dispense sunscreen, and any kind of low-viscosity liquid.

Optional ‘on-site’ filling stations are another means for sponsors to interact with visitors. 

Creative teams will come up with many more possibilities to implement the Zpritzi in event marketing.

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