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Running a cruise liner in the New World is the ultimate challenge in health prevention and hygiene.

Nowhere spread bacteria and viruses faster than on cruise ships.

Ships have their own extremely strict hygiene policy.

Nevertheless, adding a Zpritzi to the hygiene regime makes the experience complete. And more personal.

Passengers and crew wearing a Zpritzi creates a big sense of togetherness.

Naturally, complimentary pods are made available in the cabins during the voyage.   

The Zpritzi equipped with an NFC tag makes the ship’s own ‘sea-pass’ system obsolete (a sea-pass is a card that serves as room-key, contains data on guest benefits, for towel handout, gym access, etc.).

At the end of the voyage passengers have a great souvenir and wear Zpritzi proudly. Making them true ambassador for the cruise line.

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