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Flying in the New World is all about health prevention and hygiene.  

Regardless of the disinfecting procedures in place by the airlines, hand hygiene during the flight is paramount.

Distribution of disinfectant wipes, as is current practice by a few airlines, is a nice initiative. But not as practical as using Zpritzi.

Passengers have to grab the wipe, tear it open, unfold it, use it, throw it away, and put the packet back in their pocket or bag. A hassle!  And that is precisely why we created the Zpritzi – to make hand cleaning hassle-free!

Zpritzi is a hand cleaner and works also perfect for surface cleaning.

Zpritzi is an ideal welcome on board gift for passengers.  It would instantly take hand cleaning to great heights!

Post-flight, passengers proudly wear their Zpritzi - with the airline logo.

In addition to the Zpritzi, the included necklace/lanyard, carabiner and refillable pods are perfect for branding.  

Suppliers of hand sanitizer spray clearly have interest to co-sponsor any airline’s hand cleaning project.

Implementing Zpritzi as the on-board personal hand cleaner takes hygiene to maximum height. With a lasting marketing impact.  

Talk to us and let's make flying healthy.