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Wearable Hand Cleaner and QR-Code Holder


Zpritzi: A Wearable Hand Cleaner with Incorporated Health Certificate

Alternative NFC based solution for the QR-coded Vaccine Passport, PCR test or Quick test, opens doors and borders.

 Talinn, April 29, 2021 - Digital Health Certificates are going to be a reality. Governments, airlines and the industry at large need solutions to get the people moving freely and safely. Universal Wellness Labs creates a wearable for hand cleaning that holds the QR-coded Health Certificate. The user-friendly gadget serves as an alternative medium and as a back-up for the QR-codes stored in apps in smartphones or printed on paper.

Health Certificates, a.k.a. Immunity Passports, Vaccine Certificates, Green Passes and PCR tests come in QR-code format. These QR-codes are stored in apps in people’s smartphones or printed on paper.

Universal Wellness Labs foresees potential issues and uses NFC for an alternative medium for storing the QR-code. It pairs the Health Certificate with hand hygiene in one useful and user-friendly wearable dispenser for hand sanitizer: the Zpritzi.

Marinus Vander Slikke, CEO of Universal Wellness Labs: “A document as vital as a Health Certificate must have a back-up. Apps can crash. Smartphones can go down. Paper-printed QR-codes are old world and get lost easily.

NFC is secure and contactless. It works without electronics and doesn’t need networks.

A video-presentation of the Zpritzi concept is available at www.zpritzi.com.

Universal Wellness labs recently presented its concept to the European Commission plus various individual Member States.

Marinus Vander Slikke: “We anticipate deeper discussions soon. Sweden and Denmark have already endorsed NFC. We are positive that the EU will share our vision. However, we are also targeting the private sector like airlines, hotels, cruise ships, and event organisers.”

Zpritzi is a slim, elongated and ergonomic designed gadget. Refillable with any kind of sanitizer spray. It contains an integrated NFC tag to store the QR-code for the Vaccine Certificate or the PCR and Quick test results. It can be worn on the neck, belt or hand-bag.

A pilot study with 88 participants shows the efficacy of the Zpritzi. Users clean their hands 75% more often with a Zpritzi than with conventional portable bottles.

Marinus Vander Slikke: “Hand cleaning is a first line of defence against any kind of bacteria and viruses, including Covid. Both the public and the private sector require proof of health to enter their country or premises.  A quick scan of the Zpritzi verifies people’s health status. And the beauty is that people always go in with clean hands.”

“Our concept is low-cost and easy to implement. Since Zpritzi is great for branding, it is budget-neutral for any government or business.”

“In the new normal people still want to be trendy and look smart. Similar to face masks, Zpritzi makes the Health Certificate and hand sanitizing cool.”

Zpritzi is created in cooperation with Design2Gather, an award winning Dutch design company (design2gather.com).

Universal Wellness Labs OÜ is an Estonia based company that conceptualizes and designs products for personal health and wellness (universalwellnesslabs.com).


Press: https://tinyurl.com/zpritzi-mediainfo

Contact name: Marinus Vander Slikke
Contact number: +351 910 315000 (also whatsapp)
Contact email: info@zpritzi.com