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Zpritzi Reduces Plastic Waste

Hand sanitizer gets germs, bacteria and viruses off your hands. And that is essential these days.

Hand sanitizer works. And helps to stop the spread of bacteria and viruses, especially Covid-19.

So, it’s no wonder that governments stimulate the use of hand sanitizer. And recommends people to carry a bottle when they are out and about.

Naturally, many people take this recommendation. And carry a small bottle with them. No one wants to contract a virus or a disease.

However, 99.9 percent of portable hand sanitizers come in plastic bottles.

Every empty bottle goes (in theory) to the garbage bin. And ends up in landfills or is recycled.

That is – when people dispose of these bottles in a proper way.

And this isn’t always the case. This year we frequently come across empty 30 or 50 ML sanitizer bottles carelessly thrown away. Disposed masks are sometimes all over the place.

So, people do their best to keep their health. But make the environment sick - which in the long run impacts people’s health anyways.

This dark reality has inspired the people behind Zpritzi to come up with a solution that not only stimulates the frequency of hand cleaning but at the same time drastically reduces waste of empty plastic bottles.

Zpritzi is a wearable dispenser powered by airless pump pods (bottles). These cute little pods are refillable.

The user can fill them with sanitizer spray from a larger bottle of 100, 250 or 500 ML.

One 15 ML pod filled with sanitizer spray is the equivalent of 6 bottles of 30ML hand gel.

This refill concept is great for the environment.

The refilling process is simple. Zpritzi gives you a small funnel for easy and quick filling of the pods.

And so, as a health-conscious woman who also cares about the health of Planet Earth, I highly recommend getting a Zpritzi.

You will be very happy to discover that Zpritzi works much easier than these plastic bottles that are always stuck somewhere in your purse or handbag.

Because of the genius concept you will use hand cleaner more frequent. Which reduces the risk of contracting anything nasty. Or infecting friends of family.

Germs are real. Covid-19 is a bitch.

Weaponizing yourself with a cool wearable dispenser like Zpritzi helps you stay healthy. And helps to keep the environment healthy.