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Zpritzi On A Tinder Date

Researchers already know for many years that men take hand washing rather lightly.

An article of April 2020 shines a dark light on male hand hygiene.

The article makes references to various research that all come to similar conclusions: men are not great at washing their hands.

This may have been not so important in the past, but these days it is – in fact – a matter of life and death.

Whatever the reason, there is no excuse to discount proper hand hygiene. Whether that is hand washing with water and soap or with hand sanitizer.

We would expect that in the new normal which is all about how to prevent the spread of germs, that men would have upped their game.

A recent pilot study by Zpritzi is in line with any of the findings in the above research. It demonstrates that men still stay behind.

The study aimed to compare daily usage of portable hand sanitizer spray in 30ML bottles with the use of Zpritzi, a wearable hand sanitizer dispenser.

40 males and 48 females participated in the study. And males clearly used hand sanitizer less than the female participants.

However, there is hope.

A key takeaway from the study showed that when men used a Zpritzi, their daily hand cleaning frequency almost doubled.

It went from 7 cleaning moments with a conventional plastic 30ML bottle to 12 cleaning actions using the Zpritzi.

Still, this is substantially behind the behaviour that the female participants showed. But there is reason for optimism.

Because the Zpritzi looks cool and matches any outfit every men, they will be prone to wearing it often. Whether on a necklace or on their belt or beltloop.

And this may attribute to a more frequent hand cleaning pattern when on the go.

Like the creator of Zpritzi said: “Wherever I go, I use Zpritzi. And every time I touch an object or surface that might be contaminated, I intuitively clean my hands.”

Like most women, I love men that take care of their appearance. And these days I even more value a man who takes his hand hygiene serious.

Besides, it is a great opening line on a Tinder date.  

“Hi, that Zpritzi looks great on you. What is your favorite sanitizer spray?’