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Hand Sanitizer Efficacy Undisputed

Contrary to face masks, scientists are unanimous about the efficacy of using hand sanitizer. 

Despite this, in most countries governments have made wearing face masks compulsory in many settings and public spaces.
Sometimes to the extreme.

Strangely, carrying portable hand sanitizer is left at people’s discretion.

This is bizarre!

Wherever you go, it is impossible to not touch objects and surfaces that are germ-free.

People are equipped with the most perfect tool to touch their way through life: the hand.

These hands are potentially a source of contamination. Therefore, carrying a portable hand sanitizer should be made compulsory.

There are lots of scientific reports that face masks do not work. Or at best, just a little. Even de CDC, the US health authority, has admitted this in a recent report based on an extensive study.

Nevertheless, I am not against wearing a face mask. Though I not particularly like it.  

But wearing a mask demonstrates that the person is conscious about their health – or at least is complying with the law of the new normal.

It is impossible to go unnoticed without a mask. People get insulted or fined for not wearing them.

But here is something strange.

Suppose carrying portable hand sanitizer would be made compulsory. Who is going to check this?

These products are mostly carried inside a purse or handbag, backpack, belly bag or pocket. Invisible to the eye.

Now – and this is purely hypothetical – let’s say your government makes it compulsory to carry a bottle of hand disinfectant everywhere you go. And you comply.

Who is going to check how often you clean your hands?

There is now a portable sanitizer dispenser that is designed as a wearable.

Meant for wearing on a necklace, on a belt-loop or attached to a backpack or handbag. Clearly visible!

It enables the user easy, instant and intuitive dispensing of sanitizer spray.

Assume, governments would introduce a law to make wearing this Zpritzi compulsory. And the people would follow the law and all wear Zpritzis.

But who would check if the people actually do use the dispenser to clean their hands?

The new normal has crazy consequences!

But clever people do not need laws. They know what’s good for them.

And that is why I wear my Zpritzi. Every day. And I use it frequently.