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Female Superiority In Hygiene

Recently I came across an article on CNN that made me smile.

It reminded me of a pilot study that the people at Zpritzi had done a few months ago. To compare usage of portable hand sanitizer in a 30ML bottle with hand cleaning using a Zpritzi dispenser.

The results of this pilot study can be found here.

What put a smile on my face was that the results of that large scientific research of 800 people were in line with the results of the Zpritzi pilot with 88 participants.

The Zpritzi study demonstrated that women approximately cleaned their hands 27% more frequent than men.

Here is a snippet of the CNN article:

To reach their conclusions, the researchers at New York University and Yale University examined survey data, street observations and analysis of smartphone movements.

Their survey of 800 people found that women were more likely than men to say they maintained social distance, stayed at home, washed hands frequently and mixed less with family and friends.

Should you want to read the whole report, go here.

As a health conscious woman, I felt proud.

And this sensation became even stronger when I read this:

It's long been known that women are better hand washers than men. And a 2016 review that looked at research from dozens of different countries found that women were 50% more likely than men to practice, or increase, protective behavior like proper hand-washing, mask-wearing and surface cleaning in the context of an epidemic, like flu.

To me, a man with healthy hands is the new sexy. Hopefully Zpritzi will make a lot of men sexy. What a wonderful world would that be.