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Zpritzi On A Tinder Date

Like most women, I love men that take care of their appearance. And these days I even more value a man who takes his hand hygiene serious.

Besides, it is a great opening line on a Tinder date.  
“Hi, that Zpritzi looks great on you. What is your favorite sanitizer spray?’

Female Superiority In Hygiene

Women are more likely than men to say they maintained social distance, stayed at home, washed hands frequently and mixed less with family and friends. 

Hand Sanitizer Efficacy Undisputed

Contrary to face masks, scientists are unanimous about the efficacy of using hand sanitizer.  Despite this, in most countries governments have made wearing face masks compulsory in many settings and public spaces. 
Sometimes to the extreme.

Strangely, carrying portable hand sanitizer is left at people’s discretion.
This is bizarre!