Genius Solution

Young girl with face mask using zpritzi dispenser to spray hand sanitizer on her hands.

Wearable Handcleaner


Hello Zpritzi

Hand Cleaning Made Simple

Always at hand.
Anytime. Anywhere.


Capacity for 4-6 days.
Reduces plastic waste.


Only 48 grams.
Convenient wearing.


Discreet design.
Matches every outfit.

Hand Cleaning Is A Must

Ditch The Bottle

Sanititzer in a plastic bottle?
You have to get it from your bag or pocket. Open it. Hold the cap. Squeeze it. Put it back.

Bottles are a hassle!
And not eco-friendly.

Woman dropping a bottle of portable hand sanitizer in garbage bin.

Zpritzi Works

Zpritzi is a wearable dispenser for hassle-free cleaning.
Always at hand. User-friendly.

Wear it on a necklace or on a belt.
Or attached to a handbag.

Elegant young woman with luxury hand bag with a portable hand sanitizer dispenser attached to it. She sprays sanitizer in her hands.

Premium Editions

The aluminium Zpritzi in silver or anthracite is a beautiful piece of unisex jewelry that stands out everywhere you go.


Zpritzi comes optional with an NFC tag.
For QR's and customer engagement.

Zpritzi Users Clean More Often

A pilot study compared the daily use of standard portable hand sanitizer with Zpritzi.

Key finding: Zpritzi users clean their hands 75 % more often.

Inforgram showing results of survey that users of zpritzi clean their hands more often than users of portable hand sanitizer bottles.

Branded Promotion

Zpritzi made in ABS with brand logo and colours is a cost effecctive promotional gadget.

Lasting marketing value guaranteed.!